Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Extra! Extra! #LinkedIn Headline: now we can read more about you!

new headline 220Had to post this earlier than my usual 800 am. 220 is the new 120.

Yes, folks, finally, LinkedIn just gave us all an additional 100 characters in our Headline.  Used to be capped at 120, now 220. Yes, you read it here. That’s headline news. All your LinkedIn news that’s fit to print.

Ahem, LinkedIn did not report this, they kinda-sorta-whisperingly-snuck it in, rolling it out. Typical.

Yes, now you can tell a whole lot more to entice a reader to want to know more about you. to read further into your profile!

I see it on my desktop, on my iPhone, iPad (and I assume it’s coming someday soon on Android devices as a fellow guru has told me he doesn’t have it on his yet). No tricky, secret handshake work-arounds any more! So if you listened to my most recent LinkedIn Live interview with Brenda Meller in which I gave “illicit “instructions how to make your Headline exceed the 120 characters, you can ignore that part (but not the rest!)

My headline is above, 220 characters including spaces, and I suggest you start planning what you want to say on yours. As you can see, I savor every valuable pixel of LinkedIn real estate to tell the career story of why I do what I do.

This extra Headline space is especially helpful for all you multipreneurs out there too.

I urge you to take advantage of this gift.