de·sid·er·a·tum /dəˌzidəˈrädəm/ noun; (plural noun: desiderata)

something that is needed or wanted. “Integrity was a desideratum”

Is there anything that I could offer the following unsolicited, pitiful InMail request for help, 14 time zones away, that came to me via LinkedIn?




Ahem, how many of these did he send?

And please let me know how he can send more than 2 of these with no money, yet afford the Premium membership on LinkedIn to send these InMails?

If he did his laser-pointed research, rather than spray his shotgun all over, he’d realize I don’t want to buy a bridge from him either.

Really, that’s pretty lame. You’re just not thinking.

Businesspeople on LinkedIn deserve better from you. I’ll use the word in a sentence: integrity was not his desideratum.

I can’t make this stuff up, folks. It keeps coming at me (or is it after me?)

Think critically. Be strategic. Act professionally. Use integrity.

Tomorrow: a guest blog piece by Mike Greenly on specks and details. Yup!