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Under the surface

boxersWe have a different set of standards placed on us in the pandemic world.

For those who have had to become accustomed to working from home, this is now a habit. I had been working from the “dungeon” as I call it, my basement home office, for 19 years.

But under the veneer of my office Zoom studio, live from the basement, are 2 more floors of my professional home office. I vary my location in some of my Zoom calls, from my dining room or my sun porch, sunlight and weather allowing.

Not like the young newscaster pictured above. He clearly does not wear the pants in the family room.

It’s a fitting exposé here to dress you down (or up) to add more layers of real professionalism to your LinkedIn profile.

Make your work have legs, just cover them appropriately. Inquiring minds want to meet you, all of you, not just superficially above the tabletop on a Zoom call, but the whole persona you are: where you came from to make you who you are today, and where you might indicate is your future orientation to take loyal clients along for the experience ride. With those metaphoric experience cards drawn from your back pocket as needed, not like the guy above lacking pockets for his hands or his experience cards.

Make tracks to be real all the way, planned and executing your craft as a pro, even more than needed, since you never know….because who knew a virus would cause so much upheaval and what’s to say it won’t catch us again with our global pants down?

Go further, and let them see you more, beyond London and France…


3 thoughts on “Under the surface”

  1. There’s no question that as we work and network from distance that our ‘real’ persona needs to be presented in our LinkedIn profiles, on our websites and in the rest of social media!

  2. Marc, another helpful article and advice from a quintessential professional — from head to toe. Coincidentally, it aligns perfectly with what I do for a living, branding. How are you or your product or service perceived? The total package is very important and has to be considered and addressed with thought and strategy.

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