published_CFASociety_thumbnailI love being interviewed on podcasts.

Especially if the interviewer is fun and breezy.

I tend to exert a lot of energy when I speak. More when the interviewer is lively. Sometimes too much so, either cutting off the end of the question or answering for too long. I am working on this.

Sometimes the millisecond delay between the two of us on the podcast gets choppy. Or I get choppy, not sure whom.

I do not intend to over-speak.

I intend to be exuberant. Strike “intend.” I am. I love speaking about what I do and why I do what I do.

I weave stories into my narrative. They are memorable to me and hopefully to listeners to make my point.

Then all of a sudden, the podcast is over. A half-hour, or an hour, flies by, supersonic speed. “But I’m not through,” I think, “can’t we continue?”

Ah, but all good things must come to an end.

We summarize, we sign off.  Then we chat a bit about the housekeeping issues surrounding the recording. Sincere thanks are exchanged.

My final effort for the podcast is to post an update on my Home Page and to memorialize the podcast and its URL in my Publications section. A short video on why and how to do this (previously shown here but worth repeating).

To my interviewers, I thank you for the opportunity! To those who have listed, thanks for your time and attention to what I am conveying to make your LinkedIn experience a better one.

I try to return the favor with a guest blog post here.

Like fresh peas in a pod, there’s a shelf life to remain our being fresh and nutritious!