Once a month I drop by an invitation-only community chat of experts in my field. Some of the global big guns are there and some pistol-packing whipper snappers too.

We light the creative fires of professionals feeding off each other.

The conversation is lively, and far-reaching as there is no agenda.

The opinions are for the room only. What happens there stays there. Like Las Vegas, only luckier for me.

The chips fall where they may. The kitty is generous.

Often one pro tosses the dice to inquire if anyone has ever experienced the same situation or tech glitch.

The wheel spins, the ball drops, into a centrifugal tangent from the original conversation.

The slots spin, as not everyone can attend each time, or for all of the period, so three of a kind is rare.

Payout occurs during and after the session.

This sure beats the casinos. Even with entertaining characters performing, all have a part to play.

I chip in as well and invest in them; they expect to do so in me, so I am enriched.

I never leave with empty pockets. Lucky me.