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Back to Basics Tuesday: over there


Go figure how and why LinkedIn does what it does. The Brazilians and the Dutch are testing LinkedIn Stories. The Brits seems to get to test a lot of new concepts on LinkedIn well before we in the USA get it. Then when we get the service here, it is spread out unevenly and irregularly. That’s not always OK, though, but worth mentioning the inequity. 

I am still waiting for LinkedIn Live. I have asked twice and some other LinkedIn experts seem to be in the same boat. Not all, but some. That’s OK.

I am not salivating to create LinkedIn Polls, as previously mentioned here. I have it, but have chosen to not do anything about it. But I already know what poll I will put out once as an initial foray (bruhaha–stay tuned). 

Moral of this fable: it’s what we don’t have, or cannot access, for reasons beyond our control, that we crave the most.

Grass is always greener, ya know.

But once we have it, we soon tire of it and set our focus on the next shiny penny.

Similar to one of the themes I continually hammer here: your LinkedIn profile needs to be that shiny object that captures the rapt attention of the casual reader who happens on your name, or is referred to you, or finds you in the search.

Then you are the focus, or at least considered for the short list to consider further. Or a phone call.

Don’t complain that others get offered business from LinkedIn when your profile is dull, drab, and boring. Or worse, a copy-paste of your resume or CV or bio or whatever is already circulating online.

This is your moment to sparkle. Polishing takes elbow grease. Only you can exert that effort.

Focus on your side of the fence.

Growing greener grass takes tilling, seeding, fertilizing, and mowing. It takes regular work. Not idle envy which accomplishes nothing, unless you have the tools and are willing to apply the necessary effort.