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I listen a lot. I hear common complaints about LinkedIn:

  • it’s hard to use
  • it’s a time suck
  • it has no ROI
  • no one responds to me
  • {it’s this, it’s that}

I often feel like the LinkedIn doctor. Fixing complaints, or worse.

Most of my diagnosing can be done via your own use of the Help Center. It’s like WebMD but for LinkedIn: a huge body of knowledge to be used for reference. If you ask me a question and I answer with a link from the Help Center, you now know it’s available and open for you to use without having to wait for me to respond. 24x7x366.

Sometimes you may need LinkedIn telemedicine: let’s speak on the phone or share screens and you show me the part that aches, and I will show you what to do for relief. Fast, immediately gratifying and efficient for both of us. An application of my craft, it can help ease some of the pain some of the time.

Then there is the need for a visit. We used to do that a lot. Now we can’t. But soon we may be able to again, and getting around a table with you to diagnose and prescribe a remedy will once again allow a standard office visit. I’ll be that masked man. I expect you to be masked, but just your nose and mouth. The persona behind the mask needs to be opened to the public to see and appreciate.

Finally, we may need to take the drastic move of excising a profile section or opening it and mending it. There is no LinkedIn hospital. But if you have been my client in the past, I’m there to admit you, put your profile on the table, bright light it and operate on it. No pain. There may be some follow-up prescribed, so you keep exercising my therapy and gaining new healing.

Oh how my mother wanted me to be a doctor. 

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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