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It’s summertime and the living ain’t easy

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Post-Memorial Day, the pandemic challenge to summer: scrap the usual plans. No summer concert series. No large get-togethers. No travel vacations.

Staycation in your back yard if you have one. Stay apart 6 feet, no more than 10 in a group. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Play nice.

Isolation is changing, the quarantine lifting, so we adjust. Some entrepreneurs find new ways to adapt. It takes thought and planning. It takes fortitude to recognize that seasonality in business, even in summer, may be unseasonably challenging. That affects cash flow, branding, image, business health.

It is what it is in 2020. Perhaps into the future.

I say market and remarket and market again. It’s about perception. You must be a part of the conversation.

Your goal: be among the first person thought of when someone laments “If only I knew someone who…” and the response is “I know a person who…” and that referral is you.

So where do businesspeople go to research someone referred to them like you?

OK, you know the answer: LinkedIn. So power wash the lichens and algae off your profile and make it sparkle in the summer sunlight.

Or else don’t complain business is slow in the summer, since inertia will cause it to be slow in the fall, winter, and spring too.

Make the best of the crisis to keep going with the waves, the flow, the tide, and not against it because you will likely not win out.

Swim like your professional life depends on it. Freestyle strokes with LinkedIn; definitely not the crawl.

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