jewelsMy LinkedIn work allows me to coach and teach a myriad of professionals at all stages in their careers, college grads to an 80+ year old, and statistically speaking the 40-60+ sector is my sweet spot.

Each with their own facets on a cut stone to show their sparkle on LinkedIn.

Industry-wise, the diversity is amazing:

  • from artists to scientists,
  • from exterminators to an epidemiologist,
  • from sales experts to a sales and use tax lawyer,
  • from an OB/GYN to matrimonial attorneys,
  • from a conference of female auto mechanics to an oil and gas investor,
  • from nonprofit professionals to tax professionals,
  • from a private investigator to a public official.
  • from bar associations to a part time bartender, etc.

Today, this blogpost is a trip down memory lane of all the people I have touched, remain connected to, and hear from them when they have a question. Thanks are due to all of them for what I learned from their career narratives.

I was once told that it seems I collect people like baseball cards.

Well truth be told, I do, and I keep shuffling the order to bring some to the front of the stack. rotating them around in no real order, just as needed. I keep dusting off older relationships and polishing the new ones. I trade referrals with trusted colleagues, and they do the same.

Last evening, as I sat through a Zoom networking meeting, a few colleagues I had not seen for over 8 years appeared on my screen, older and more mature than when last seen and certainly more seasoned. Chattering along in the chat box, we agreed to trade phone numbers and email addresses and follow up to update histories, family, and business milestones, and consult too, as needed.

So as I reminisce, I ask that you oblige me. I am enriched and enrich others. Even if not in constant communication, the connection rekindles.

It’s the sparkling heterogeneous connectivity that I savor. I hope you do too with yours. Polish often.