crumbs2Leave a trail. Don’t be a “lost” soul, like a mismatched sock. We want to pair with you, so help us please. Here’re a few ideas (have I missed any?).

  • If you leave your employer and don’t revise your LinkedIn profile with new contact details and update your Experience section, you are lost to us when we want to contact you. Hey, Mike (who retired from the law firm and went out on his own as a consultant, where are you? I have a referral for you!
  • If you move out of state and don’t revise your geographic area on your Intro card, you will not appear on the searches that should include you. Are you a nomad or dis this  attention to detail slip your mind? It should be important to you and it is to us.
  • If you change your phone number, or if the number you show in your profile is not regularly monitored for messages (like multiple times a day), then we cannot contact you. When you work from home, your office number still rings. This happened yesterday to me, and the receiver missed an important morning call that cost him some money and redoing something by the time he checked his messages that evening. A better idea is to call forward your numbers and to also sub in your mobile number on your LinkedIn profile so we can call and text you for immediate contact. It’s a fast-paced world, even in the pandemic.
  • Ultimate item on this list: if a colleague dies, their profile lives on and on and shows work anniversaries on LinkedIn. Wrong type of trail to leave. Please ask the family to fix that. They will appreciate your doing so. Here’s how.

Leave a trail and clean up after yourself too please.

(I’ll pick up the trail on Tuesday, taking Memorial Day Monday off.)