phone-869669_1920There are times when a thank-you is just not enough, by text, email, or message.

There are people who are so generous in saying something nice about you on social media, because you touched them in some powerful way.

There are reasons to meet them, by phone when face-to-face is not possible.

On a Friday at 4:00pm, a complementary post on LinkedIn mentioned me for a presentation I made earlier in the week. I was not yet acquainted with her at that point, so not missing an opportunity to seize the moment, I found her on LinkedIn, looked in her contact information for a phone number (it is not listed and I will suggest she change that to show a mobile number!), clicked the link there for her website, scrolled to “contact us” and called the listed number. Luckily (because a voice mail would have been delayed to the next week for a conversation if she didn’t answer), she picked up after the fifth ring with a curious “hello?” and I introduced myself, with sincerity and a heartfelt “thank you” in my voice and intonation.

And the conversation flowed, no it gushed.

And for the next hour, our conversation touched on so many wonderful things: sharing and helping and referring and comparing notes on careers and mission.

It was that meant-to-be. It was that warm feeling of once strangers, now colleagues, people helping each other because we should reach out and touch each other.

I had been wrestling with something technically challenging in producing an upcoming online course and wouldn’t-you-know-it, she had solved that and gave me the link to read all about how. And introduced me to someone who could help me further. And sent me her e-course to critique and…and…and…

And I am, and will be, reciprocating her generosity too. Because what goes around comes around.

But best of all, this all came about because I burned the minimal calories to think and  dial the phone, knowing that in this special case, electronic messages won’t convey that gratitude anywhere nearly as well. Voice conversation is exponentially more powerful.

New LinkedIn connection, new colleague, new friend. Thank you Faith Kinslow. I mean it.

How could there be a better way to end a long pandemic week? As later emailing indicated, for both of us!