wowASNETWRKIt’s fairly easy to find opportunities to speak publicly to a group these days. People crave education and if you have a topic they hunger for, and especially soft skills (like LinkedIn or networking or Zoom), you can find those gigs. Or if you are fortunate, they find you.

At the leader’s request, I presented last week to a networking group and over 50 people watched the Zoom session. My topic was timely, since we all have some self-improvement time on your hands, and the effect of my 40-minute LinkedIn talk was palpable: even if I cannot physically see or meet them, the comments, the questions, the thank yous, follow-ups, the opportunity upside…wow.

In the past I used to selectively mention that I was putting finishing touches on an upcoming talk. I’ll continue doing that, but I will also try a new idea like the above graphic, after the fact, reinforcing the attendance and the topic presented to the organizations, naming the {@connectorname} who introduced me (if applicable): all drip marketing tactics to increase visibility of my speaking opportunity base.

And, please, if you see my post about a talk you attended, add your comments (not “likes” please!) and share it with your connections.

It’s what a community does for each member. We have the presence of mind to present our connections’ successes to our connections as a thank-you for their loyalty and nurturing us, and us to them. I do it for you too.