Apologies to Carol King for my applying her lyrics to the never-ending barrage of unsolicited connection requests the first Saturday every month when Brenda Meller posts the most followed LinkedIn experts. Thank you Brenda!

I have been fortunate to be steady in the top 15 a number of  times (lucky #13 for me again this month!) and according to Brenda. I have accumulated 8302 followers, an 89% increase from the same period last year, really surprising me. I am honored.

Full disclosure: In almost all cases I respond to all who personalize a request to me (the boilerplate requests are dumped!): “Thank you for your connection request. My policy is to only connect to those I have gotten to know through business, so please follow me instead.”

Follow : honor :: Connect : privilege

Being followed is an honor, like connecting is a privilege, and it’s my challenge to be worthy of this reliance by so many people I cannot see or greet other than on LinkedIn.

I recognize that such a large group of followers shows others appreciate my thoughts, as well those of  the other global LinkedIn experts, above and below my followership position. Bravo/brava to them too, many of whom I follow.

So follow me, if you are not already, wherever I lead on LinkedIn; it’s a magic carpet ride for me too! Go to my LinkedIn profile and click “Follow.”

And if you want to hear from me, more directly, follow my LinkedIn Nuggets blog, free and coming at ya at 800 am ET every week day. You can subscribe here. Or each blog post appears as a LinkedIn post.

I’ll keep on. if you care to keep up with me.