Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Psst…it’s World Password Day 2020 (and I won’t keep that to myself!)

whisperWhispering to you here:

You might want to reevaluate your security settings on LinkedIn. especially today, World Password Day 2020.

You should take advantage of LinkedIn’s two-step verification (your password plus their temporary code texted to you) each time you sign into LinkedIn). This is for your protection and I am amazed at how few people use it to protect themselves.

So today is a good day to not only reset your password, but to let LinkedIn take care of resetting your second stage code in the verification process each time you sign in.

Bottom line: guard access to your LinkedIn profile like you do your business or personal bank account. It’s a professional asset, after all.

Here’s what you would see on your screen at log-in:


Not too onerous. And LinkedIn speedily texts you the code. So take the brief time to protect yourself.

To my earlier suggestion, you can change your password too, at any time:

And just to be tidy and safer, you can sign yourself out of every place you have remained signed in (you may be surprised how you leave a trail behind yourself):

Now back to speaking in a normal voice: Happy World Password Day 2020!

Don’t you feel more secure on LinkedIn now?


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