lifeisanadventureThe title has nothing to do with controlled substances.

Rather, it has a lot to do with my giving up absolute control to another trusted collaborator or join our forces, jointly.

The graphic is about me, you, and perhaps others can refer us to talk about themselves better.

Specifically, I am about to add 2 joint ventures to my “experience cards” (the situations I learned from, in my past, that I can draw from, that stay in my back pocket until I need to refer to them them metaphorically) and open new online services to address:

  1. the growing need for college graduates to greatly beef up their LinkedIn profiles along side a trusted master resume-writer (hands-on services they cannot get from their current off-site university career centers) and
  2. the absolute need for entrepreneurs to use LinkedIn as one power tool to network better alongside a networking guru.

I chose the partners carefully, learning from past mistakes, and decided that two heads really are better than one when we can join forces and met a perceived need in the marketplace.

In the first case the deliverable we are working on will be an online e-course and in the other case a Zoom-TV 1/2-hour show.

In the first case, we helped a soon-to-be-a-graduate completely rewrite her resume and LinkedIn profile to sparkle, and in the other case we have a stellar (and I mean star-quality!) guest start to appear on the pilot episode.

Why? Because I (and we) believe there is a need in the market for both modules, and too many people cannot access what I and we believe to be truly excellent training in these areas. So my partners and I will bring them to the market.

Two different experts, one for each product.

I’m pumped. Coming soon, not soon enough.

This is the first ad mentioning the ventures, so wish us well on our ad-ventures. Stay tuned for more “dripped” into social media.