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Delivering the goods

darts-102919_1920I don’t know about you, but all our groceries are now delivered, Yes, an extravagance, but a pandemic service we feel we need to stay safe and healthy.

It’s a crapshoot between the time we order online and what/when we actually get the delivery. Don’t even think about adding on to an existing order since that will forfeit your  coveted delivery slot and place you at the end of the line (even if the service says you can edit an order). Three hours on hold later, a human fixed that.

Advertised 2-day delivery of non-perishables suddenly became 14.

But I respect online grocery delivery despite its faults. The demand clearly outweighs the supply of shoppers and product, We will get through this.

Some surprises occur: a bag of pitted dates arrived without our ordering it (and I was delighted). We tip extra for the delivery in appreciation of the service and stress the shopper must be under. It is a thankless job after all. Ads for impersonal gig shoppers abound. Full time, part time, anyone!

So I ask you: do you “deliver” in a business sense? Consistently? Without disappointments, with no surprises? On time?

You may say you do. You may think you do. Your service may consist of vendors who support you, but what if they fall down in the process of delivering to your client? How does that make you look to the client relying on you and only you?

Ultimately, it’s how the client thinks you deliver, not what you think.

It’s a tall calling to be perfect each and every time, or as much as possible. It’s the “we exceed expectations” aspect of your entrepreneurship that eclipses the competitors breathing down your neck at your first failure. Even if it was not your fault. Even if the client doesn’t appreciate the beauty of all the moving parts coming together each time.

So a LinkedIn angle on your profile: in addition to your saying “why” you, use honest, unsolicited quotes from your clients to expand on your “why you” with how well you do that “why you.”

I have inserted client quotes in my About and Experience sections. Layer on top of that my Skills Endorsements from people who really know my skills (and I monitor that carefully, as should you!)

Slather on Recommendations that are designed to give a personal viewpoint on a trait I project in my business dealings, or a particular facet of my business I want recognized, the writer carefully chosen, and the anecdote or story designed to be memorable.

The whole persona exceeds the sum of the parts. Then you truly deliver. And the casual reader gets it because you reiterated a theme in multiple places.

Does your LinkedIn profile deliver like you think you are perceived to deliver, or do you have some work to do?

Did I just hit you between the eyes? Bull’s eye! That was my intention.

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