Today's LinkedIn Nugget

You’re networking/brand marketing your butt off, aren’t you?

ducks-1171944_1920You had better be using every opportunity to earn the respect and capture the imagination of everyone who could become a prospective client once we come out of quarantine.

Now is the time to invest in personal brand recognition, telling your “why” and others augmenting that by telling how well you do your “why” (in the latter, think endorsements and recommendations).

You must be meeting new people via Zoom networking, picking up on relationships with mutual friends who can offer new connections and asking them for warm e-intros, and  getting out of the rut of being alone at home. You need to dive in, and if need be, get down and dirty doing it.

Then the rest is up to you. You open the call or Zoom session with warmth and sincerity and appreciation for the time you are spending with the other person(s), and wrangle the conversation so it could possibly produce mutual positive effects.

Take note of other attendees whose business pursuits are tangential to yours. Explore with them offline. LinkedIn of course is my preferred method of introduction and deeper probing questions to get to the best heart of how and why you and the (others) can collaborate.

Everyone must leave fulfilled or at least sated: the time was well-spent and there is opportunity to pursue further.

Rather than sitting and moping that business has dried up and you are scared, get up and over yourself and work to make a difference in your situation.

Get ahead of the curve. Get your butt in gear. Dive in head first.

And let me know how and when this changes your outlook and affects your prospects, so that incremental revenue will follow.

BTW, I only mentioned “LinkedIn” once here today…a record.

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