timeismoneyNow that everyone is working from home, I am finding that scheduling is not being taken seriously.

If I tell you I will call you at 10:00am I will call you at 10:00am, not 10:01 or 10:05. Set your watch to it.

Today, and last week as well, a few people abused the stick-to-the-schedule mentality I grew up with. One was older than me and just cancelled our 10:00 at 9:59. Ugh, I worked around that appointment for him against the rest of the appointments today. I will remember that as I set another time/date.

The others are younger and their missed appointments last week made for a messy schedule, but they get a second chance and that’s it–no more excuses. The dog cannot eat your schedule since it is online and it’s confirmed. “I didn’t see that on my schedule” is so lame.

My LinkedIn coaching agreement presupposes mutual respect to keep to the pre-established schedule of 4 meetings on both of our calendars. One domino tumbles into another and cancellations lead to a pileup. My LinkedIn group training sets me up to arrive 30 minutes earlier to polish off any tech issues. No reason to start late when you can prepare early.

Finally, I am seeing people promising a response to emails, LinkedIn messages, etc. on a certain day or at a combined certain time/certain day, and they miss it. These innuendoes tell me a lot of what it might be to work with them.

Think of your reputation and perception as a brand. I will be reliable. You be so too, please? 


Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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