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It’s a small world…before…and after all!


Adapting the lyric from Disneyworld’s Small World ride, I was referred to someone by a colleague and in my prepping for the scheduled introductory phone call, I read both his LinkedIn profile and noticed he went to college in my hometown.

Not that this means particularly much since it’s a large university drawing people from all over, yet it provided an entry to discussion, but when I read his website About Me section, it mentioned he was a native of the same town. I started to wonder, could we somehow be contemporaries and is just possible we grew up/went to school at/knew people in common from the old days?

So I kicked off the call asking him about these coincidences only to find….yes, you guessed it….we did grow up and the connectivity was further cemented when we realized he originally lived on the next street from my parents’ house. He started listing some names of the peopel on my street we both gre up with.


(Real story.)

LinkedIn as a connector.

This is not the only wild coincidence story from LinkedIn in my storybook. The runner-up best earlier one was a chance electronic introduction messaging session via LinkedIn  between two women, only to find out that the two correspondents shared the same wall. Yes, one apartment adjoining the other, next door neighbors who did not (yet) know each other. That’s also a pretty close connection, if you ask me.

{Perhaps you have a story like this to share?}

Was it “meant to be” in both situations? Yes, as a start, but the rich collaborative effect requires energetic effort, so it is incumbent on both parties to my wildly off-chance intro to maintain the new relationship, nurture it, and find ways to bear new fruit. Mutually, I am sure.


Hence my company name connect2collaborate and the logo designed to reinforce the “ripples in the pond” of the best energy at the core (first level LinkedIn connections), as it dissipates moving out.

I won’t let this childhood reacquaintance become anything less than a long-time collaboration, it’s just too good.

I can’t make this stuff up.


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  1. First – I was glad to help create that story! 🙂

    Second – please update my email in your system to my USA address

    Third, that song and ride in Disney World was my Mom’s favorite…yes song, AND ride! Should of been there when I went on the ride with her – when I worked there – back in 1987! RIP Mom.

    Thanks for Connecting!

    Rob Thomas
    Founder, Networking in Diners,
    Creator of the Rob Thomas Method (RTM)
    and Author of “Who Do You NEED to Meet?”

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