weight-lifting-1284616_1920“You use it or lose it” is an old adage that I keep repeating like a mantra as I lift, work out, or exercise to my online fitness class.

Do I like it?

Not in the middle of the crunches or burpees that try my soul and stomach. Yes, when the effort produces results. It starts low and builds up.

Here come the LinkedIn connection: you have to be active on LinkedIn a few times a week, like the number of times you exercise, religiously, so you get results.

No one connects to a lazy profile. It has to be svelte and tight. We pay attention to well-formed ideas and thoughts that attract us for the intrigue of what that person offers beyond what is written.

You have to make that profile sharp and efficient, not too muscular to turn someone off, and not too flabby and squishy to make you seem sloth-like.

Just right.

You know what your “just right” is. Your readers do too. If they are not inquiring and commenting and sharing you and your material, you are either too thin or too much.

Be energetic in sharing. Be generous in helping others. It takes work and sweat and a lot of time.

Be out there with that buffed LinkedIn persona that offers the “just right” to those seeking people like you to collaborate with.