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Guest Blogger Kimberly Rice: “How LinkedIn Changed My World and My Business”

guest blogBlogger’s note: kindred spirit Kimberly Rice and I hit it off right away. She was e-introduced by colleague Janet Granger (who always connects me with great people!) and it’s been a blast with Kimberly ever since. She is exuberant, generous, and sincere. We already recorded one segment on her podcast and she graciously offered to make it a short series, for which I am grateful. Because you too can  benefit from LinkedIn like Kimberly does, her thoughts and exhortations in this guest blog piece should be heeded, and actions emulated, if LinkedIn has not yet made it to the very top of your brand marketing efforts. Thank you again and again, Kimberly!

I did not understand it, at first. LinkedIn, that is. And, I was certainly not an early adapter. Yet, as a services marketer, I knew I needed to get up to speed, pronto, so I could educate my clients – – lawyers, at the time. Can we just say a big ‘ol “oh boy”.

As an employee whom was guaranteed a paycheck bi-monthly, I understand why so many W2 professionals don’t “get” LinkedIn, see it as an online resume or, worse, as a self-aggrandizing mechanism to foster braggadocio. Through the years, I’ve learned LinkedIn is neither.

Since 2008, I learned to embrace LinkedIn as a C-suite employee, as a certified woman-owned business owner and even as an educational programming facilitator. In fact, with the help from a few of my friends, like Marc Halpert and (former LinkedIn Regional Sales Director) Samantha McKenna, I have become quite the LinkedIn evangelist.

In the intervening years, I have connected, been connected and educated, informed, and demonstrated subject matter expertise all on LinkedIn. I LOVE connecting in service to others…that’s where the goodies reside…in sharing the love of uplifting and empowering one another to whatever “more” you are on the path to achieve – impact, influence, income, etc.

Make no mistake, LinkedIn reigns as the professional digital place to see and be seen. Because of LinkedIn, I run CHANGEMAKERS, a virtual career and business development company that connects hundreds of women professionals across the globe with a similar purpose of creating the career of their dreams by charting their own course.

Because of LinkedIn, I spotlight and interview some of the most extraordinary individuals making incredible change in their lives and in the lives of others. Because of LinkedIn, I foster friendships with business owners from Seattle to St. Augustine and Bar Harbor to Beverly Hills. Some of the team members of KLA Marketing Associates (the professional services marketing agency that I founded and run) are professionals with whom I connected via LinkedIn.

I’ve come to learn that there are ancillary benefits of being part of the active LinkedIn user community (one of approximately 325,000,000 active users). LinkedIn groups embody the power of the “focus group” since they represent an opportunity to gather with like-minded professionals whom either concentrate in a similar area of business or cause. It is within a group that I’ve met and had the opportunity to inform, refer and connect with others whom are similarly situated as I am…it’s so gratifying and affirming to learn that a service marketer in Phoenix is experiencing a similar business issue as I am and after a videoconference to discuss, we’ve helped one another. How does this evolve into business generation, you may ask? These type of connections foster relationships. Pure and simple. When my Phoenix colleague learned that one of her clients needed services that I provide, guess whom she referred? Yep, me. BAM!

Like most things in life, we derive from it in proportion to what we invest into it. I’ve chosen to invest heavily in LinkedIn and the value is realized multi-fold.

Kimberly Rice headshot_blue left facing (002)As President and Chief Strategist of KLA Marketing Associates, Kimberly Rice and her team provide strategic business development advisory services to forward-thinking professional services firms’ most challenging business growth issues. She works alongside clients to strengthen their existing client relationships and attract new ones.

Kimberly brings more than 25 years of experience as a strategic marketer, business growth expert and successful entrepreneur to bear on behalf of her clients.

She is author of Rainmaker Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Prosperous Business (available on Amazon) and a host of Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings podcasts. She is a nationally sought after speaker and conference facilitator who has published over 400 articles, blogs and podcasts, nationally, on a wide array of business and personal growth topics.

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