Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Your career as a jigsaw puzzle

jigsawpuzzleHundreds of pieces all interlocked produce a cohesive picture.

Each piece has its own reason, its detail, its purpose, and lacking that one piece can make your puzzle look like a jack-o-lantern missing a tooth.

To make a jigsaw puzzle, you have to design the whole, break it down into pieces and make the story interlock to give a picturesque image, as if from 30,000 feet, and up close as well.

Easy? No.

Worthy of planning, a few drafts and edits, like a novel, your LinkedIn profile is a career story told by you. It takes time and abstract reasoning to fill in the picture in the reader’s mind from the separate parts.

No reader starts reading at chapter 3 unless the preceding chapters make him/her want to read that far, right from the beginning. Your ending chapter is not completed, perhaps you have a map to get there but pieces in the puzzle delayed or led you elsewhere. You must tell us why.

Not doing so well means the reader leaves befuddled, never to return. Opportunity missed.

I left banking for corporate treasury and again recreated myself in consulting. I tell you why that was my decision in my profile.

Your turn to tell us now.

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