Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The power of a well-intended hello

phoneWe have many ways to connect to each other. My preferred method has always been phone.

Yes, even better than LinkedIn messaging.

Yes, on a call I can be myself, I can be spontaneous and be understood with the intonation I intend to be heard.

Not so much electronically, in email or social media messages or texts.

I can call a colleague with whom I had forged a special relationship and reacquaint, socially and professionally, and all the while personally.

Plus as an added bonus, no typos in a phone call. Just conversation, a lost art.

I will continue to use the phone. In fact one of my first LinkedIn articles had to do with the phone ringing. Enjoy it here; it’s still relevant from 2014.

Now the phone will ring on the other end of the line, from me to perhaps you.

Or, vice versa; incoming calls welcomed so long as I know it’s you and not another robocall!

Hint: add video to that call–magical!

Let’s use this house arrest time as incentive to be more human and humane, calling someone you know who is stuck in the house or apartment and with a simple call, you both enjoy each other’s company again, after a long period of silence.

Who knows, it might just spark a renewed relationship or a business referral?

Some ROI, huh?

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