LinkedIn believes, and rightly so, that telling your career story makes you memorable, remarkable, yes, amazing-er.

You know I subscribe to that too, big time.

You can, and should, tell your own brand of career story on LinkedIn, in engaging, fluid narrative, pronoun “I” plus power verbs, not a dry resume-y catalog of past tense factoids–something vivid.

You just have to plan it out and want to achieve this higher self-definition.

I know many of you are shy. Certainly about talking about “why” you.

LinkedIn recently announced a new enhancement coming soon, now only in internal testing: LinkedIn Stories (could have picked a more creative name perhaps?) Maybe this will get you out of your shy rut.

But the product name aside, the intent is clear. Be able to express yourself, demonstrate original thought, and articulate what makes you the “you” you want others to recall, refer, and contact.

Pick yourself up and make the transition to competing on LInkedIn with the best of the best.

Otherwise get stuck in the mud with the rest of them.

Who wants to be with the rest of them?

Note: tomorrow we have guest blogger Kevin Perlmutter giving his view on the role of emotion in branding, a topic I find really interesting and have much to learn from him.