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#EmotionalIntelligence: a series; part 4 of 13


Note: Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) is the belief that our ability to channel and control our emotions will have a direct effect on our success.  I came across an article on by my connection Justin Bariso and I wanted to add my 2 cents, from a LinkedIn currency perspective, to make this concept as expanded upon in his great article fit the audience here. Every day for the next 13 business days I will offer how, and where, and especially why, you should take advantage of his article’s teaching on your LinkedIn profile page. Thank you, Justin for agreeing to my offering further comments. 

Expect and learn from criticism

I can guarantee one thing about LinkedIn-from experience-experts about and they add their perspective on everything. That’s’ good.

But criticism, when positive, is learn-worthy. Assuming the giver is an expert in his/her field which you can ascertain from the LinkedIn profile, you can continue the dialog in a professional manner and hopefully by the natural end of the conversation have made a new colleague and can ask to connect if it feels right. You will know if it does and there is no expectation that you do ask him/her to connect. A simple thank you works. Or a more sincere thank you by sending an article for them to appreciate that touches on the topic at hand is ales a nice gesture.

When negative, it rankles and festers, and you commit the emotional intelligence sin of breaking rules 1-3 so far: you speak before you think, you speak before you pause to consider the merits of what you are about to say, you cannot control the thoughts welling up inside. So the criticism is not taken well at all, and it’s written all over your face, or your LinkedIn Home page int his case.

So you know which to choose for giving. And you need to exert self-control when receiving. It’s a teeter-totter and it swings one side to another quickly, unless you manage it.

Be critically acclaimed, it’s a good thing in most cases.


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