Stop abusing LinkedIn. Just stop!

Twice today I received connection requests also promising me a new source of passive income and a revolutionary way to use social media to gain new sales. Not isolated incidents.

Call me closed minded, but it reminds me of a blog post a while ago I wrote about  Ernestine the telephone operator. Stop the mindless connection requests asking me obvious questions much like her “Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?” and similar sales hype to attempt to pique my interest in services that I don’t need nor would  consider from strangers.

You can readily look at my LinkedIn profile and determine I know a thing or two about social media marketing and that I may not be a good prospect for your snake oil.

That is, you would know that if you took a second to read my profile. But you did not. No to your contrived sales-y LinkedIn connection request.

Just stop.


Next week I start a 13-part series on Emotional Intelligence and how to show it on LinkedIn, inspired by an article by my connection Justin Bariso. Stay tuned.