swanOnce upon a time you opened a new LinkedIn account and started to fill it in and for some reason stopped.

Then twice upon a time you did the same and kept going as far as you could and today have a well-used LinkedIn profile.

But you forgot you had the old one.

Uh oh now you have two!

And if someone searches you on LinkedIn, they see 2 profiles. That leads to confusion and to a poor image of you. So you really want to reduce those profiles into one.

First, search for your name to see if there are 2 profiles that you opened. (It is fairly common, from my observations with clients).

You can follow any of these directions to have LinkedIn help you merge the two (or more) profiles into one successor. And merge the connections in each profile.

Ta dah! Confusion relieved. Your profile dilemma has been solved swimmingly. No feathers ruffled.

idea Idea: Now how about making that remaining profile a whole lot better, now, with what I have been teaching you here for years?

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