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Zooming in on a particular response


I sat in on a few video or conference call networking sessions the past few days. Each attendee, working from home, told how they are responding to this crisis and their approach to their clients. They reiterated who a good client would be.

Some reported better success so far keeping their business intact than others, although I certainly cannot criticize some of them since they don’t bill if they don’t appear in front of the client. Their business model requires direct access.

We all tried to offer ideas. We all support each other. Entrepreneurs know the power of networking. I will say here that in good times (up to a month ago) networking waned as we were too gloriously busy and not focused on our response should a downturn occur.

Now we have that downturn and it’s projected to be severe. Thus we need to network more than before and prop each other up in any way possible to weather this bio-economic crisis.

We need to zoom in (pun intended) to communicate, to assure, to refer, to advise, to self-brand, and to empathize with each other as we go through the days and months of business shrinkage. Unless you have hoarded hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer, your business will contract because our businesses are contacting, and your clients are struggling equally to weather this storm.

Today I will begin to reach out to selected clients and by the end of a week I intend to have spoken or emailed (at the least) with each to zoom in on how I can help them, or at least offer to in the future.

And if I don’t mention that now is a great time to build your brand by really polishing, or renovating, your  LinkedIn profile as a part of your revived networking, I am not doing my job. And part of my brand is my tagline “I exceed expectations,” so it is why I write and opine and pontificate my thoughts here to my readership. I strive to make a difference and be a clear voice in a cacophonous world.

If you need direct coaching. let’s decide how to really make you stellar when we come out of this dark time, customized to your needs.

If you need some limited help, call. I helped a good friend just like that yesterday, and what a rich difference in her new profile!

No charge for professional friendship.


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