…OK, double entrendre.


Human interaction and appropriate touch is central to business relationships. But the rules today in our pandemic age are hygienically changing by necessity.

Handshakes, hugs, the old ways are gone. I “get” fist bumps and elbow bumps.

But a new development: foot-tap? Really? Is that interaction?

It takes your eye off the target.

Yes, it would prelude the greeting of facial expression (masks do not good, the doctors say so leave them off), verbal intonation, and effective use of the right words which enhance real conversation, but it removes the eye contact that goes with the handshake/fistbump: the human effect of connectivity with the target of your conversation.

Please don’t foot tap me. I’ll probably trip over you as I move away.

You may, if appropriate, email, message, and/or speak to me warmly and collaboratively and I will know your intent.

You may reach out to me and ask me to connect to you on LinkedIn ONLY IF I know you from business interaction(s) and we share equal opportunities that help us both.

Like a handshake takes 2 hands, it’s a coordinated, dual effort.

In the meantime until our world rights itself, as personal meetings give way to videocalls and conferences are cancelled, we need all the human interaction that’s fit and appropriate to continue the strides we made as entrepreneurs. Remember please that we entrepreneurs need to help you, and thus, make our businesses progress. 

Someday, hopefully soon, we will revert to handshakes and the like.