socialdistance1Time Magazine ran a timely article on the topic of “social distancing” and I recommend you read it. That covers the physical distance between people.

I tend to thing in social media terms here, LinkedIn in particular, as an ideal way to socially distance yourself, physically, and yet remain top-of-mind. But you have to use this tactic well.

If you know me, I am a big hugger when I see you. That’s a hard habit to break. It’s in my DNA. I now have to restrain myself due to viral concerns.

And reader, although I cannot see you or even shake your hand (remember when we used to do that?), I am here speaking to you in this blog, as well as active on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn (oh yeah!), staying electronically close while physically away.

Think of reasons to appear on your prospects’ or clients’ or customers’ or vendors’ or colleagues’ radar screen. Make each “touchpoint” on their screen valuable to them 80-90% of the time. You can strut your stuff the remaining percentage.

Be close to them though you cannot reach out and touch them, with the right quality and frequency of shared material and communication along LinkedIn.