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Springing forward: reflecting on the concept of time


Humans rule the world, including the physics of time, and we even change the clock twice a year to our benefit.

In resetting time, we manage it, ourselves and others.

The power. The audacity!

I came across a TV news spot a few weeks ago that I found fascinating as 2 professors were interviewed speaking of their concept to reestablish the year as we know it (no more leap years and other oddities) that have been in place from the Julian calendar (as in Julius Caesar).

To that point, This blog appears every weekday at 800am. Set your watch to it. Eastern standard time that is.

So I ask you, are you regular in your deliverables? Or even earlier than promised?

That certainly makes an impression, especially in today’s standard of inferior quality being good enough to get by. It’s like a package delivered to you a day earlier than promised…anticipation is the key. Reliability is exponentially increased. You shine. Your competitors do not. You have thus manipulated the expectation of time.

Do you do more than “like” a piece, instead offering that extra gesture of “attaboy / attagirl” keyed in with warmth, congratulations and/or gratitude, to span across your connections and theirs? Do you comment on top of their comment?

How often do you share and comment on a news article on LinkedIn? Or author a long form post on LinkedIn in which you develop your thought leadership for all to read and learn? This is to you show your worth to your LinkedIn connection group and beyond. Then readers eagerly anticipate your thought leadership on LinkedIn, a good thing to reinforce constantly.

And it allows you to “ping” on the memory radar of someone who thinks about you when asked to refer someone, from their memory of your timely and qualitative offerings, before they think of anyone else to refer.

So, then, do you take the time to spring forward from the rabble? 




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