rippleinpondOf vital importance in the life of a consultant is following up on comments, open invitations, and potential business opportunities. Creating your own, too. But you knew that. Yet so few actually pursue those referrals, leads and threads. Or originate them!

A few examples struck me last week:

  1. A year ago I promised my friend to review her son’s LinkedIn profile before he started looking for that all-important first job out of college. He “cashed in the coupon” with me and I spent 2 online sessions with him, and I am pleased to say there’s been a vast improvement. Now that’s one way for her son to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, short-listed, and hopefully hired. What’s in it for me? Good will leads to referrals. Ripples.
  2. Three separate long-time colleagues contacted me in one week and although it had been as many as 9 years since I had direct contact, they remembered me, and they felt comfortable asking me for a proposal for my 4-session series to beef up their LinkedIn profile. Nine years, you may be saying to yourself, is a long sales cycle. Yes, perhaps, but seen another way:  all it took was my usual daily, weekly, monthly content shared to them and 3390+ other connections on LinkedIn and without any direct appreciation, the downstream 9-year visibility paid off when they were ready for me. I follow up for anyone who wants to read my thoughts, ideas, and advice, whenever they are in need. At least they know where to find me when they are ready to pursue my consulting. Ripples.
  3. Followers of my blog and/or my LinkedIn posts and articles comment and share my work. Most of them I do not know. am not connected with and might never encounter. That’s fine, as I want to help those who need, and feed the curiosity of those who inquire, and satiate the appetite of those who truly want to adopt my “special sauce.” Followers of followers, as networking is like a rock thrown in the pond. Ripples.

So I will continue to pontificate, perhaps opinionated, but mostly with the overarching desire to implore my readers to do better, because we all can, and must, to compete for airtime in this noisy, static-y business world.

Plop, ripples, {fade}, repeat daily.