hurdleStorytelling is an ancient art. Transmogrified to our current technologies, your career story on LinkedIn can richly tell where you came from to whom you are today and your vision of how you can help others in the future. So long as you want to tell it well.

“No one cares,” you think.

I beg to differ.

Your inspiring career story, told well, can make you memorable to others. Stories, and only the really good ones, stick with us, to be retold, or at least recalled, when applicable, in a similar context.

Have you leapt small buildings in a few bounds? Have you demonstrated that you are smarter than the average bear? Can you ascertain solutions to complex problems, so well, and so often, that you have gained a reputation, so that others come to you for guidance?

Then, I say, tell us those stories. Or allude to them in your LinkedIn narrative and have a recommender reinforce the skill set, telling how well you do that “why” you define about yourself.

Two dimensions: you telling about yourself, and a recommender doubling down, supporting your self-assessment, and the result is sublimely memorable to the reader.

It takes planning and collaboration, but you can, and should, consider this for a far better profile than the competitor’s. Tell us why you do what you do. Let others tell how well you do that “why.”

At least try this and leap past your skepticism?