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Today’s news: New York metro area was renamed on #LinkedIn! Read all about it!

newsI was very pleased to see that additional attention is being paid to redefining the New York area on LinkedIn.

I live and work in Fairfield, Connecticut, 1+ hours from Manhattan and yet wanted to define my geographic location as part of this amazing metro area.

My business is largely centered there, and it speaks volumes to others if you can make it there (you can sing the rest.)

I don’t think using Fairfield, CT as my location would help me all that much in the LinkedIn search function! Great town to live in, but in all honesty, NYC is grander for business.

I noticed this subtle suggestion by the LinkedIn gnomes on my Intro card (see orange wording at the bottom):


Greater New York City Area is now better defined as New York City Metropolitan Area on your intro card.

Why? From the Help Center:


OK, even though this appeared 5 months ago (who saw it–I didn’t!) they must have something else coming, so right now, I wanted to make the change they suggested.

It’s easy. If you have this available as the Help Center says (patience if you do not–it’s coming), click the dropdown to make the change:


Since this is probably an enhancement in the search function, you will benefit from this change on your Intro card.

And to my NYC colleagues, even if you now list “Greater New York City” or “New York, New York” area as your geographic area, it’s time to make this change. 

It will take less than a New York minute!

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