Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Drawing from the well

bluewellThe well of LInkedIn best practices is nearly always full. The residual ebb and flow of liquid LinkedIn inspiration seeps in continuously, only to provide bucketfuls to raise to the surface and draw out for consumption.

The flow comes from responses to presentations I am fortunate to give, from people I meet and admire for their sheer creativity and fortitude, (yes, some what-not-to-do’s sprinkled in),  from coaching clients I meet and get to know deeply in our 4 sessions together, and from what I observe, read, and perceive in all that content that invades my screen.

My job is to interpret it.

You get my impressions and news on changes that LinkedIn is layering erratically and unevenly, but eventually, you and I will have it. I am just whispering in your electronic ear.

The well overflows and drains low, only to be refilled. Luckily, it never dries up completely for that would be a tragedy.

My job again, beyond interpreting the above, is to provide it to you each morning, like a super-caffeinated shot to start your day.

Sip from the well, I encourage you.


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