Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Tabula rasa (not for long!)

blackboard mathBlank slate. That’s what she was on LinkedIn. A new LinkedIn coaching client started with me the other day, her profile nearly empty, with 7 connections and nearly nothing else on her profile.

Like a blank canvas or clean sheet of paper. Or a blank computer screen, each waiting to be filled in.

I am so enthused. Think of where we can go with this, how we can make it reflect the real her, how we can tell why she does what she does, with her maneuvering the driving wheel, with me aligning her steering, not too heavy handed, but just enough subtlety that she needs to keep her in the right trajectory.

She is enthused too, as she has a most interesting career story to tell, and it’s really fascinating, according to the brief call we had before I sent her a proposal. A lot to write in a limited space, but we will do it.

{I’ll pick this up after our first face-to-face and report back from what I believe will be a most enjoyable session.}

Well, it went quite well, and she is more complicated than I first imagined. It’ll be a challenge to get it all down in the right places in the right tone and phrases on her LinkedIn profile, but we have 3 more sessions to perfect it. It always works out, a team effort, and the clients are pleased and that further elates me.

Both sides of the equation have to equal, right? You in person and you on LinkedIn. Nothing less than that: your personality and your digital perosna, In other words, your brand.

How’s your profile looking? That blank slate can soon look like a graduate-level physics blackboard in a university! It will take some work, though.


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