guest blogMy note:

Thank you, Jane, for your insight and keen observations. Everything you do is a class act. And you hit on a theme I mention a lot here, with first-hand experience! It’s (eventually) fun to evolve out of one’s comfort zone, isn’t it?

I have been a mediator for ongoing, valued relationships (not divorcing couples) for many years. Along the way I also became certified as a CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach, helping individuals get better at handling conflict (it’s a part of life!) on their own. My headline, About section, and experience description reflect those, of course.

A few years ago, my friend Marc Halpert suggested that I subscribe to Seth Godin’s daily blog. I did and I continue to find it a consistent source of concise, thought-provoking nuggets. (Thank you, Marc!) In October 2018, I saw Seth’s invitation to participate in the second round of The Podcast Fellowship. Two hours after saying to myself “I would never do that,” I signed up.

By January 2019, I had launched a weekly podcast, Crafting Solutions to Conflict, to provide a practical and positive perspective on conflict. (With Marc as my first guest!)

Did I change jobs? No. Did the focus of my firm, Dovetail Resolutions, LLC, change? No.

Did I grow my professional life in a way that showcases my passion, experience, and knowledge? Yes. Did I start on a journey that sets me apart from most people who do work in the same general area as I do? Yes.

Did I take the (minimal) time to update my LinkedIn profile because of those two “yes” answers? Oh, yes. In fact, I didn’t need two “yes” answers. If I could ask either of those questions and answer “yes”, that would be enough to spur me to make changes to my profile.

In addition to indirect benefits from the update, some interesting direct results have popped up.

I’ve received a couple of unwanted pitches to hire someone to do something or other related to podcasting. More important: potential guests, or their PR people, have contacted me to ask if they can be guests on the show.

As with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, some vetting is in order. And because I am looking for relaxed and insightful conversations to share with my audience, a phone conversation precedes a commitment to schedule a potential guest.

To date, every one of the strangers who has contacted me has proven to be an excellent addition to the show – and one I may never have found another way. Thank you, LinkedIn.

janebeddallheadshotJane Beddall, MA, JD,  ( is founder and principal of Dovetail Resolutions LLC, a mediation and consulting firm focusing on preventing and resolving damaging conflicts for extended families and their businesses. Fascinated by conflict for over 35 years, she is a seasoned mediator and a certified CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach.

Jane serves on the Professional Advisory Board and faculty of the New York City Family Enterprise Center. She is past president of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution and past co-chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.  In 2014, she received The Honorable Robert C. Zampano Award for Excellence in Mediation. Jane is the host of the podcast Crafting Solutions to Conflict, providing a practical and positive perspective on conflict, available on listening apps and