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From the “can’t make this stuff up department”

abuseoflinkedinawardIt’s Sunday morning. I can count on having to decline the usual weekend LinkedIn connection requests that come in: from African college students, from South Asian SEO geniuses, and the minions of lazy, lonely people using boilerplate connection requests, who need a LinkedIn friend.

But this one struck me, from Belgium, a woman tied to me by one mutual connection in common (whom I should have disconnected a long time ago, but it’s not the mutual connection’s fault):

Hi Marc,

I would like to connect to discuss the topic of custom 3D printed recognition trophies to reward your partnerships. Our team created custom awards for Amazon, Accenture, Deloitte, Google amongst others.

If this sound interesting to you, I would love to get in touch.

Well, I wouldn’t love to.

Why connect to someone who is trying to sell me, without either of us knowing the other’s values/capabilities/trustworthiness? Why would I rely on her for something so important, if I ever needed trophies, right out of the proverbial box? Why wouldn’t I rely on the handful of wonderful vendors I have known and networked with for years to serve that purpose?

My reply:

I am a LinkedIn coach and trainer, but I am certain you did not even read my profile before sending this.

What partnerships?

One of the most highly detested abuses among my fellow LinkedIn trainers is people trying to connect and simultaneously attempting to sell us without even knowing us or our needs, as you just did.


Not politely.


What not to do and a deserved reply IMHO.

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