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Taking the pulse of a new contact

pulseI know I have suggested this here before, but it keeps serving me well, so I will take the liberty of repeating it.

Once you hang up a call with a new prospect, as soon as you can, leverage LinkedIn to send them a thank you/summary of open items from the call, and invite them to connect on LinkedIn (only IF you think this is a good step–that’s up to you!)

In the recent situation of my being referred to a marketing manager at large firm by a friend of a friend, I arranged for a call, which went very well, and within an hour after we hung up from our introductory phone call, I sent this:

Thanks for the time spent speaking with me earlier. Amazing how many high-quality people we know in common! As we agreed, I will await the number of people in a group training for your company and once I have that from you, I will revert with a proposal.

In the meantime, please join my amazing group of professional connections on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch.

Thanks again,

Within minutes of sending that, Jon connected with me.

Is he so lonely? No.

He later told me he really liked how I presented my scope of work verbally and the words I chose, and the pride I conveyed.

He wants to hear from me, and he will. Hopefully that means a consulting arrangement.

If not, as was proven to me earlier, sometimes these connections bear fruit at a later time, as in 11 years later: from a referral by a woman I have had little contact with, but she told me she keeps an eye on what I do and say and she found the perfect fit, so she referred me. Indeed, I replicated the same connection request process following a call to her referral. It worked again, since her referral signed up with me for coaching.

This works. Be timely, use the phone, offer high quality.

People are watching and listening, as you can tell.


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