Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Since when did “same old, same old” work well?


It keeps on coming at me: people with archaic LinkedIn profiles stuck in the archaic style of the early years of a previous decade, who tell me they don’t have time or energy to renovate their profile. And have not updated their profile in years, in some cases, decades.

Really? No time to invest in yourself in 2, or 5, or 10 years?

If their career is stuck in the same rut as they were in 2009, what a shame. No wonder. They did nothing to change that situation. Then they can expect to stay mud-stuck.

They have not taken the time to amend their experience section to reflect a new position, new company logo, or at the least some new responsibilities (or worse); no surprise success has evaded them and they dead-ended a chance at promotion.

I guess there’s not a lot more that I can do for them if they don’t want to tell us.

If they have not updated their headshot since 2010, well, time waits for no one–they just can’t look like that anymore. Show those facial lines of experience and depth of understanding. It’s painless to get a headshot.

If they have not kept their list of publication, talks, videos, podcasts, up to date, now’s the time to remedy that. Or appear to be dormant.

Finally, if they have not cleared out the deadwood in their connection group, this is their wake-up call to do so. You are known by the company you keep and if I ask you on the phone how you know our mutual friend Evan, have an idea, at least.

That pregnant pause as you flip through your mental rolodex for “just-who-the-heck-Evan-is-and-why-did-I-connect-to-him-in-the-first-place” tells me a lot!

Same old, same old doesn’t cut it.

Pick yourself up and jumpstart your LinkedIn profile. 

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