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Feeling safe and secure on #LinkedIn

linkedinsecurityI hear from some attendees to my sessions that they get “hit on” by others, improperly, insulted politically, ethnically, etc. or spammed with lame business opportunities they did not solicit.

You can stop this.

Yes, it is a totally inappropriate assumption by the initiator to be trolling LinkedIn while seeking a date or offering their offensive opinion, or we will buy their  business service sight-unseen, especially since we did not request any of this. This is already an out-of-control scourge in email, postal mail, other social media, and is IMHO especially wrongly placed on this premier global social medium for business professionals. Emphasis on professionlism.

By ignoring it, it will not go away.

You can report these offenders. You should.

LinkedIn is self-policing, at the granular level, relying on you and me to send these messages to LinkedIn to evaluate, warn and in some cases, and sever for abuse. It maintains robust standards of LinkedIn Professional Community Policies. which I encourage you ro review.

Your job is simple and easy, quick too: according to LinkedIn,

We encourage anyone who has experienced harassment to let us know by reporting straight from the content by clicking the three dots at the top right or contact us directly by filling out this brief form. Once reported, you should no longer see the reported content or conversation in your feed or messaging inbox.

I would appreciate it if you would share with others you know who have felt this abuse.

Let’s rout this stuff out and ensure a safe and nurturing business environment here. You will not be revealed as the reporter. It is a small investment of time.

Please do not be reluctant to support your rights and those of others with you.

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