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People say the darndest things!

people talkRemember Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things” segment of his “House Party” show? You might, if you are a certain age.

My clients and attendees sometimes start, “This may be a naive question but…” And then I pounce: “Please stop there, and rephrase the question in a way you and others can benefit.” It makes the asker reevaluate the question is no longer naive (some might say stupid) and that your question may well be that of someone else in the room.

Similarly, I have been told that “there is no ROI to LinkedIn because I never get leads or referrals, and certainly never any business from it.” Well, I retort:

  • What do you do to remedy that on LinkedIn?
  • Could it possibly be how you brand yourself there?
  • Do you rework your profile regularly as you morph, and share material to make yourself a reliable source of go-to-expertise, and thus make yourself compelling as a business thought leadership partner or vendor of highly refined intellectual property, with your own special sauce?
  • Do you outshine the competitor(s)? Do you come across on the phone in the same scintillating personable way you come across on your LinkedIn profile?

Or the passive-aggressive lament, “I never needed LinkedIn until I needed a new job. I got a new job quickly. Now that I am working I can let it go stale, right?” Well, what happensnext timeyou are in between positions, frantically catching up to renovate your LInkeidn profile, and it’s taking longer to get that new nibble, then your past actions (or lack thereof) will speak louder than your present words.

I have as many responses as the naive (or less-than enlightened) darndest things people say to me about LinkedIn.

My job: one person at a time, one success story at a time, one happy email thanking me at a time…


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