gym-592899_1920Panic email from a colleague that (somehow) she finds herself unemployed. Can I help her with her LinkedIn profile?

Well, I’d help any way I can, so sure, and then I looked at her LinkedIn profile.

It looks just like a resume on electrons. “I know, I know, you’ve been telling me to change it. Now I have to,” she admitted. Did I sense some panic in her voice?

No not just change it, I advised: renovate it down to the studs and reconstruct it, with planning, foresight, errors corrected midstream, and with the patina of newly finished, remastered career story that compliments her resume, not repeats it.

But I think I have said that before to her. Here too. But not enough, since these incidents keep coming.

Please be proactive, not reactive, with a LinkedIn profile amazing-er than the competition. And it’s not just for job-search-alarm-mode either, but you know I have said that here before too.

Yes, it’s heavy lifting. She tempted fate. Now she just has to work it and keep it current, please?