evangelistMidmonth has already passed.

Proposals that were deferred until the new year remain unsigned, or worse, unresponded.

Believing that I add value even if the recipient of the proposal does not yet recognize it, today I will telephone call, rather than email.

Obvious tactic, you say to yourself? Well, in an article I recently became aware of, the (youthful) writer contended that we waste everyone’s time when we email, so if we do, it must be as short as possible to make our point.

Odd that it was part of the Health section of the publication, and that the writer, an MD, is an expert in this topic.

I say: what a horrid attitude! Old-fashioned conversation has thus been deconstructed in such cavalier, dehumanizing, and arrogant attitudes.

My intention when I contact these people holding my proposals: convey in intonation and carefully-chosen words/phrases/concepts that I add value: why they need my expertise, how I earned the reputation I carry, where my life experience comes from, and that they need to consider the outlay an investment in themselves. four 90 minute prscheduled sessions with homework in-between. Ahem, if you think you can do it faster/cheaper/more efficiently with someone else and get better results, try finding that guru!

I say this all the time: I am an evangelist. I convert some of the heathen some of the time, and the rest either wander for eternity, or perhaps (!) realize what they missed and come back to the fold.

BTW, this blog post was as long as it should be, not too long as to waste your time, dear reader.

Give me a hallelujah.