Today's LinkedIn Nugget

When the fish aren’t biting

dry fishing lake

All entrepreneurs go through slow periods, either expected on the seasonal business calendar, or not.

New clients do not fall from the sky; they have to be researched, referred, contacted softly, nurtured and developed, often over long periods of time.

They have to be convinced you are the vendor for their specific needs, now or soon in the future. The answer to that period of ‘courting” is to “date” or “woo” them effectively. Without going overboard you can try some or all of these LinkedIn ideas:

  • if appropriate, ask them to connect on LinkedIn to stay in touch for the duration
  • share an article you read they may find interesting relative to the situation you are addressing
  • quote them in a long-form article you post on LinkedIn as original, thought-leader material
  • introduce them to a connection who may be helpful in other ways, reinforcing your contact with your “intended”
  • invite them to join a LinkedIn Group you are active in
  • ask them to guest blog as a spotlight on them and token of your appreciation
  • invite them to be part of a panel discussion you are participating in
  • the hardest part: be appropriate to the situation at hand and careful not to appear too anxious or “over the top”

Be foremost on their mind when a competitor comes calling, or quotes against you, to be chosen for the ancillary value you provide, rather than displaced.

Be “sticky” in their minds and hearts, as I call it.

If that floats your boat, which it should.

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