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Free advice abounds in January; uh oh

coaching1Everyone wants to offer you their free advice on LinkedIn in January.

Here’s mine: be willing to pay for the right advice, and in doing so get a coach or consultant to spend one-to-one time with you.

Not because I am one, but because I fully laser-focus-in on my client and his/her needs when we are working together. And they get the benefit rather than share it with others in a free group session.

No distractions, no generalities, no handouts that mean nothing the next morning when you go over them again.

Free advice is just what it’s worth. You can spin your wheels attending workshop after workshop to find the right expert giving the right advice that is completely tailored to your needs. OK that’s what NOT to do.

Here’s what to do:

  • Ask colleagues for referrals whom they know in person has helped them.
  • Interview the candidate how they would address your particular situation.
  • Listen for the style and knowledge embedded in the answers you receive.
  • Ask for a syllabus or curriculum of what and when you will learn each concept that makes sense for you.
  • Ask more questions, enough to get comfortable for the financial outlay that will get you to the goal you seek, with the help of an expert.

You don’t cut your own hair or drill your own teeth, do you? You rely on these and many other service providers to make you look even better than you can do yourself.

It’s an investment you make in yourself.

My free advice: spend some money for advice.



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