Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Tell a great story on #LinkedIn

storyTell us why you or we will not know.

Tell us YOUR story.

But if you tell us too much, we won’t care and shut down our attention. Too much career story, snoozzzzzzzzzzze.

Tell us too little and we are confused, Too little story {sound of scratching one’s head} and a click away to another profile.

Just the right amount of narrative and the right story to engage a distracted reader to read as far down your profile as possible, ah, nirvana!

The problem is: you cannot see your reader’s face as they read your profile. So you don’t know when to wind down or beef up the story as you tell it.

But this article gives you some very smart advice how to make the narrative “taste” just right.

Test your draft profiles on trusted, honest colleagues for the best career narrative you can write on LinkedIn. Swear then to be honest and constructive.

You will be glad you did.

Just tell us a great story!