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Oh Dem Candidates on #LinkedIn!

presidential candidates

By process of multivariable search, it is safe to say that only two of the above have a LinkedIn profile. Perhaps one more coming…I can’t say which.

In some email conversations I advised the social media handlers to:

  • Re-create a personal LinkedIn profile for that candidate, like starting on a clean slate. Now.
  • Rein in the unauthorized Group page created by a volunteer, which at worst, could become a potential political flashpoint of unauthorized materials, unless controlled. Now. 
  • Speak directly to the audience of LinkedIn professional business decision makers and undecided voters. Frequently.
  • Let the candidate’s true personal voice address the issues and take a stand via articles, comments, and posts.  Frequently.
  • Be real and be relevant. Always.
  • Don’t ignore LinkedIn. Make the LinkedIn audience part of the greater social media push and brand. Always.

They agreed with my assessments.

Time is of the essence. Images are projected. Caucuses and primaries loom. Citizens are making up their minds.  Professional business people donate and vote.

I lent my hand and helped ensure the democratic process of discourse.
Now. Frequently. Always.

The Republican canadidate? {crickets}

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