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Sometimes I just shake my head when I receive bald, bland, bad connection requests. Here’s the newest one:

WNTD_LinkedIn connection request

  1. I don’t recall changing my name to “,,,” so this is not warm and personal…
  2. How did I earn this privilege and honor? That is to say, why is this person interested in me? And on the flip side, how can I help him/her, more important than their interest in me.
  3. Future collaboration, huh? Give me something to go on, oh self-called marketing influencer.
  4. This person is located over 7000 miles away, so our meeting over coffee is unlikely.
  5. What’s with all the commas???
  6. To which I replied back, no thank you, but professionally: “Thank you for your invitation. My policy is to only connect to people I get to know well in business so I will respectfully decline. I would welcome your following me on LinkedIn instead. Thank you, Marc”

I’ve been called snarky for doing this. That’s OK.

I’ve been called many things for my insistence that a business relationship starts with more than a lame attempt such as this. More than Ernestine the telephone operator’s “Do I have the party to which I am speaking?” For more on this, see my earlier blog post.

Perhaps what I received is better than the usual “I’d like to connect to you on LinkedIn.”

But no where enough for me to invite this person in through the front door of my LinkedIn “house.” Period.

The hits just keep on coming….

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