2020End of the year. We get introspective (or at least I do!): “Did I do well this past year and how can I do better next year?”

That’s healthy thinking. It demands self-honesty.

Then the barrage of “how to” seminars, webinars, podcasts, book releases, ezine articles, etc. come at you, like a January double-barreled shotgun.

Which to choose? How much time and money to spend?

Am I a “dummy” and need to start at the beginning just to catch up or do I jump in and figure it out myself? Do I get a coach to guide me or do I wing it?

Nothing good comes to you in one sitting. Nothing good comes to you for free or in an hour to a mass audience, no matter how intensive the session, or charismatic the speaker.

It takes time. It takes perseverance. It takes effort,

It takes failures, as in crumpled papers on the floor attesting to the frustration of having to find the right voice inside you.

It takes breakthroughs in the middle of the night, awakening you to jot a note lest you forget.

Whatever that “it” is, plan for it, sketch it out, make several drafts, find a thread and weave that thread with other colors and textures into a tapestry.

Your “it,” IMHO, should be to truly take your LinkedIn profile apart and add gesturing.  Do this seriously! Make it work in early 2020 as a yearlong habit.

Perhaps I am biased. But I heard yet another success story from a man I had previously taught, when we met again a few days ago, he recognized me from a session he attended a few years ago: back than a nonbeliever; now, he tells me how he now saw the LinkedIn way chuckling he recalled I was introduced to the session as an evangelist, and his proud moment was having booked a piece of business he would have never been considered for.

How did you do that? I asked. He replied (paraphrasing): I planned, I outlined, I developed themes to define my career story. I took out that toolbox you spoke about and renovated my LinkedIn profile. I implemented SEO key words, told my narrative using the “I” pronoun throughout, attached graphics and video.

{Sound of me beaming.}

It took a lot of time, he agreed. Yes, but it was worth it, he advised, I now believe.

Deliverance for him! I am still beaming, ear to ear.

I’ll be off the blog for the rest of the year. Speak to you in 2020.